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New listing feature!


Harcourts is introducing a new feature which you may notice on some of our upcoming listings! To make it super easy for you we’ve created this helpful video to show you what you can do.

The new features include:

  • Panorama: allowing you to get a full 360 degree view on 3 or more rooms in the property. You can jump from room to room at any given time. This gives you access to the property 24/7 right from your living room!
  • Photo Styling: this allows you to get creative and change small aspects of the property. Don’t like the tiles? Change them!
  • Furnish: this is an awesome tool that allows you to add furniture to the floor plan to either see how you would design the property or add your exisiting furniture to see if it fits. Not only that but you can play renovator and add or remove items such as walls or doors from the floor plan!

We hope you enjoy this video and go test it out for yourself! 11 Glen Road, Belgrave


*this feature is available on both desktop and mobile devices


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